VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle - Kit

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VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle - Kit

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VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle - Kit

VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle - Kit


Product information

If selecting Vanquish Products wheels please be sure to also purchase your desired SLW hubs as they are not included. Incision wheels include a #4 Incision hub. Note incision wheels are only available in Black and Clear anodizing. If you select a color other than black or clear for Incision wheels substitutions will be made. Vanquish Products wheels are available in many color options while supplies last.

VS4-10 Phoenix


The VS4-10 Phoenix features the Vanquish Products VFD Twin transmission (patent pending) and new F10 straight Axles. This combination provides performance advantages never before offered in a scale kit of its kind. The VFD Twin incorporates Selectable Overdrive Shifting and a 3-position dig unit into one compact package. The molded F10 Straight Axles utilize a high clearance design which minimizes the size of the pumpkin and maximizes strength around the C-hub and knuckle. Connecting the VFD Twin to the F10 Straight Axles are the ISD10 driveshafts. The ISD10 Driveshafts have machined CV style joints at each end with molded splined shafts between them for smooth and efficient performance.

  • VFD Twin Transmission - Selectable Overdrive and Dig (Patent Pending)
  • VFD Machined Aluminum Bearing Plates
  • F10 Straight Axle Housings
  • Offset Pumpkin Front Straight Axle
  • Centered Pumpkin Rear Straight Axle
  • Universal-style front axle shafts
  • Double Shear Shock Mounts
  • ISD10 Driveshafts

VFD Twin Transmission

The VFD Twin Transmission (Patent Pending) kit is an evolution of the original VFD. Taking the same balance of performance, scale appearance, strength, and adding industry first features. The VFD Twin comes equipped with selectable overdrive and rear dig. Twin shifting transfer case utilizes replaceable bearing plates, a brass pivot for the shift arms, and chromoly shift slides. Borrowing from our proven Hurtz dig, the VFD twin shifting is smooth and reliable. On the fly overdrive shifting from 6.5% to 46% makes an immediate change to the driving characteristics and tuning options. The VFD Twin transmission places the motor forward and as low as possible. Compatible with 540 brushed and brushless motors*

  • On the fly Selectable Overdrive
  • Standard Overdrive 6.5%
  • Selectable High Overdrive 46%
  • Use Overdrive neutral position for 2WD (disengage front output)
  • Dig with 3 Positions
  • Slipper Clutch****
  • Sintered Internal Gears
  • Machined Aluminum Bearing Plates
  • Hardened Chromoly Shafts
  • Molded VFD Twin Extended Skid Plate for Motor Protection
  • Molded Battery and Electronic trays
  • Full ball bearing transmission
  • Sintered Shift arms with Brass pivot shift bushing
  • Chromoly slide dogs for Overdrive and Dig shifting
  • Scale Molded Transmission Housing
  • Molded 6mm motor plate
  • Molded Spur Gear Cover
  • 32P 56T Spur and 13T Steel Pinion
  • Silicone dust shields for shift arms***

F10 Straight Axles

The F10 Plastic Molded Straight axles benefit from Vanquish Product’s years of design experience in making the industry’s best aluminum axles. The molded F10 Straight axles feature an ultra rigid design with an integrated truss that ties both ends of the axle together, and oversized C's with an integrated panhard mount.

  • Molded Plastic Axle housings
  • Universal Style Axle Shafts
  • 49 Degrees of Steering
  • High Caster reinforced C-Hub
  • High-Pinion Hypoid Machined Axle Gears (30/8)
  • 6-Bolt Ring Gear and Spool
  • 5mm Output shafts with M4 wheel nut
  • One-Piece Molded Bearing Retainers
  • Adjustable Lower Shock Mounting Position
  • Scale removable third member
  • Machined aluminum red anodized rear fill cap with molded install tool


Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis is made to provide you with a balance of scale looks and unhindered performance. The steel C-channel design provides scale detail, molded front and rear cross members fill the chassis rails in the highest stress locations for ultimate strength and provide features like dual servo mounts, winch line routing, and a fuel cell. The molded rock sliders come with a replaceable tapered outer portion that perfectly fits the Phoenix body. The VS4-10 chassis is developed to work with the VFD Twin transmission to keep the overdrive and dig servo low on the platform. The panhard mount on the chassis is made from machined aluminum to withstand the impacts of severe trail conditions. Molded shock towers capture the top of the 80mm Incision S8E Shocks in double shear for maximum support. Narrow molded front and rear bumpers maximize clearances while improving approach and departure angles.

  • Heavy Duty High Clearance Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
  • Molded Front Inner Fenders with integrated LED mounts
  • Phoenix Molded Rock sliders
  • Phoenix High Clearance Bumpers
  • Integrated battery tray and electronic mounting positions
  • VFD Twin Overdrive and Dig servo mounts
  • Stainless Steel links
  • Molded inner fenders with front body hinge and scale radiator mount


The VS4-10 features Incision 90mm S8E shocks with larger 8mm bore aluminum threaded bodies, dual X-ring seals, locking preload collars, keyed spring cups, polished steel shock shafts, and machined pistons. The front 3-link with panhard suspension provides scale looks by keeping the servo out of sight, while still providing room for full suspension travel. The suspension pivots on a full set of stainless steel links to keep the weight down low with a smooth transition from the link to the rod ends.

  • SC8E Incision 90mm Shocks with bleeder screw shock cap
  • Stainless Steel Links
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Balls
  • Stainless Steel offset lower shock pivot balls for tuning shock width at axle

S8E Scale Shocks

The Incision S8E Scale Shocks feature a larger 8mm bore for increased damping. The increased volume reduces internal shock pressures for longer seal life. Dual molded X-Ring lower shock cartridge provides more sealing surfaces than standard o-rings. Threaded shock bodies allow for a wide spring preload range. Offset lower shock pivot balls allow for greater flexibility for tuning shock angles.

  • 8mm Bore Scale Shocks
  • Includes IRC00523 S8E Shock Tuning Rod End Set for +5mm, 0mm, and -5mm shock tuning options
  • Threaded shock bodies
  • Scale shock cap with steel pivot ball and bleeder screw
  • Polished Shock shafts
  • Dual X-Rings

Phoenix Body

  • VRD1 Rear Cage
  • 3-Piece Body Design
  • Removable Bed Sides
  • Headlight and Tail Light buckets
  • Molded Grill
  • Hinged Design
  • Hidden body clips with quick release front pivot pin
  • Full interior
  • Molded details parts (Wipers, Gear shifter, Steering wheel)

Wheels and Tires

  • 1.9 VXT Tires
  • 1.9 Incision KMC KM233 Hex Beadlock Wheels


  • 1/10th Scale

  • VXT 4.65” 1.9” tires
  • 3.75:1 Axle Gear Ratio
  • 13T Pinion
  • 56T Spur Gear
  • Overall Width: 242mm (9.53")
  • Overall height: 242mm (9.53")
  • Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3")
  • Overall Front Ratio (Standard 6.5% OD): 47.6:1
  • Overall Front Ratio (High 46% OD): 31.8:1
  • Overall Rear Ratio: 50.8:1
  • Average RTR weight (can vary with electronics): 6.5lbs (2.9kg)
  • Front axle width pin to pin: 182mm (7.17")
  • Rear axle width pin to pin: 182mm (7.17")


  • Threadlock
  • Grease
  • 30wt Shock Oil

Required Electronics

  • ESC
  • 540 Motor
  • Steering Servo (Vanquish 20mm servo horn recommended)
  • Battery
  • Transmitter and Receiver

Additional Electronics for VFD Twin Functionality

  • X2 Standard size servos for Dig and Selectable Overdrive (Standard or Low Profile)
  • X2 24mm servo horns
  • 4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver

*Fits most 540 brushed and brushless motors

**Patent Pending

*** Transmission dust shield is not 100% element proof. Use access cover to regularly check transmission for debris and add grease as needed.

****Note: Proper adjustment of the slipper clutch is required with the VFD Twin transmission and sintered gears.